Understanding and Using RGB, CMYK, and SPOT COLOR!

This class will make you a better Graphic Designer.

We’ll be learning color basics about RGB, CMYK and SPOT Color. Then, we’ll create an RGB swatch from a photo and convert it to CMYK for print.

This class is for Graphic Design beginners or anyone who needs to get something printed. This is not a class on color theory, rather a guide to actually working with color on a computer.

After this class, you will understand the different types of color for both screen and print and know how and where to use them!

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In this easy, step-by-step class, we’ll make a fixed-layout, totally interactive EPUP from start to finish! We'll cover buttons, hyperlinks, animation, video and more. Your finished EPUB can be read by all standard EPUB viewers. It's a fun, simple and cool storytelling format. 

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This is a class on how to use Adobe Indesign and Blurb.com to design and print a book. Adobe InDesign is the industry standard for designing publications and Blurb.com is a print on demand book publisher. You can order just one book, or 300, so this makes it perfect for printing beautiful books for a very affordable price. This class will walk you through downloading and installing plugins, assigning an ICC color profile to your images, choosing typefaces, creating the pages and the cover, and finally uploading your book to be printed.

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