professional experience

Cherimoya Tree Design, Present - Principal

Miami Ad School, 1998 — Present - Teacher, Curriculum Development

Alaskan Star Interactive, 1995 - 2002 - Owner, Art Director


teaching experience

1998–Present, Adjunct Faculty, Miami Ad School, Miami, FL

I develop the syllabus (school wide) and teach: Digital Imaging, Book Design, Graphic Design, Illustrator and Idea Presentation, and Design Tools

2006-2006, Adult Education Instructor, Miami-Dade College, Miami, FL, Taught: Photoshop.



1994 — BS in Communications, University of Miami, Miami, FL

Pursuing MFA-IA, Goddard College, Expected Graduation Summer 2020




Understanding and Using RGB, CMYK, and SPOT COLOR!

Designing and Printing an AWESOME BOOK with Adobe InDesign and Blurb

Create a COOL Interactive EPUB with InDesign!


My ETSY Shop:



Digital Scrapbooking Workshop at Books and Books, 2011.

Miami Girls Rock Camp. Printing Workshop. 2017, 2018.


book design

Book Designer for La Plume (2011 — Present)

Local Author Night (2010 — 2015)





The Butterfly Effect; Volume 1, Thieves & Liars 2015.

The Down-Low on DIY. 2015.

Some Kachinas. 2016.

The Soap Nuts! 2016.

Revolution Womxn Style Now! 2018.


zine events

Miami Zine Fair, 2015 -- 2018, Tabled


gallery shows

Zine Exhibition, Wellington City, New Zealand, 2015

Curator, INDEX Mini Art Show, Wynwood, Miami, 2015

"All the Young Dudes" Sharpie & Acrylic drawing, Square Show, Bear and Bird Gallery, 2016


professional development and certifications

Modern Art and Ideas, MOMA, 2016

Adobe Education Trainer Certificate, May 2016