Mother Quilt Block

Sarah Valeria contacted me about contributing a quilt square to her practicum project and I just couldn’t refuse. She asked that the 10X10 inch quilt block reflect the relationship that each artist has/had with their mother. I printed a picture of my Mother holding me onto baby fleece -- the kind you sew baby blankets from. I also printed a square of red roses, which are my Mom’s favorite flowers and very symbolic of the thorny period we had at one point (I was a terrible teen. Super stubborn.), that has now blossomed into a very loving adult relationship. As the roses symbolize my Mother’s personality, the stenciled tropical flowers more represent my own. The red embroidery threads tie us together.

I’m satisfied with the piece but I wanted to do something that had more text embroidery and texture on it. I kinda feel like it’s too much of a “cute” picture and the piece as a whole lacks depth. This photograph has always been one of my favorites, so I am glad that I used it, but I wanted to somehow show more about the relationship that I have with my Mom. Because Sarah is using this square in her practicum project, I just had no more time to play with it, and so, it had to be finished. I do like the layers and the color choices for the block. It will be interesting to see it combined with the other artists’ blocks in the form of a finished quilt.