inspiration: What was left

This is an image from the Instagram account What Was Left. The text, “Yo No Me Quito” means I do not quit.

I've been following a really cool Instagram account, What Was Left. This project is a collab between Jorge Marrero and Stephanie Carlo. I reached out to them for some more information and this is what they told me:

We are currently working on our webpage, it should be published by the 20th. We want to commemorate the date Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico.

“This project is a collaboration between Jorge Marrero and Stephanie Carlo. They had the need to communicate the problem in the way they knew best, and that was through clothes.

The idea was not the clothes themselves, the idea was what each piece represented within the context of What Was Left after María. The pieces are a dialogue and a way to vent the traumas that remained.

Our hope is to expand the dialogue with you and to listen to your own experiences about it.”“What was left” is a conceptual collaboration inspired by the images shared by the media after Hurricane María passed through the Island of Puerto Rico. This visual narrative responds to the nostalgia, melancholy and destruction caused by the natural disaster. The project is based on studying those things that were left behind, those that were stripped away and what the millions of Puerto Ricans affected by María had to face.

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