Studio Practice: Texture

One of the goals I have for this semester is to discover who I am as an artist instead of a graphic designer. I've always worked with several art mediums in addition to the computer, but, make no mistake, the computer is my crutch.  I found this great book thrifting that includes techniques and exercises in texture making -- something I'm very interested in. These are some pieces from the first chapter. I'm going to be adding some transparent sigil symbols to these to see how they mix with all the texture from the light molding paste. 

This one is my favorite from this series.


Reflection on Practice: The first two attempts were way too heavy on the paint, but I think the last two show some promise. I am going to continue with the last two by adding some transferred symbols and finishing gloss. 

Beam, Mary Todd. The Creative Edge: Art Exercises to Celebrate Your Creative Self. North Light Books, 2015.