Or what’s the trendy way to put it… failing forward? Anyway, ‘tis been a few weeks of studio failures. I had the idea to make a video for my students about building a design/art library and some book recommendations. They never go to the library or do book research anymore, it’s all online. Which, of course, is great, but they miss so much by not getting the other half. I find so much amazing stuff that is in books that are out of print or simply not online. Anyway, I spent a day filming on a whim and the video wasn’t great and I hadn’t really done as much writing and research as I needed, so when I went to edit it, it just wasn’t good. I still plan to do some videos for my classes, as I have in the past, but I want to make them much better. I have a Youtube channel set up for my teaching videos here:

I made, cut, and painted two stencils that I don’t like. Which is a pretty big time-sink. I’m extra disappointed in the triangle pattern because I am trying to abstract the “water panels” into something more symbolic and I thought this was gonna look awesome. But, they both stenciled badly and I’m trashing them. C'est la vie.