sea level rise

In Greenland, Antarctica, and beyond

the ice is melting into rivers

giant glaciers gradually soften

gravity guides them surely to sea


Inexorable, unstoppable

we are impotent to halt the rivers of ice

two hundred thousand in number

mostly beyond our sight and mind


Unseen but in control of our coastal world

frozen waters are changing form

our ocean planet is reminding us of our place

our connection to the sea


Steady shores lured us, invited us

to build bigger and bigger

as if we were in command.

silly us


We have awakened the sleeping polar giants

a sea change has just begun

this is a new epoch

welcome to the anthropocene


It is a revolutionary reality

the sea is rising. slowly now

she is giving us time to adapt

if we dare look at the future


King tides make it clear

waters will go from feet to chin

we will emerge or be submerged

now is the time for us to rise

© 2015 John Englander – Permission granted to share or post, without modification

This is the first segment of “Sea-Rise” by John Englander. These panels will all come together to form a series of work on climate change and sea-level rise in Miami.