the magical elixer: a cantastoria


about the project

For my practicum project, I decided to write, design, organize and perform a public cantastoria about climate change.

I will be producing this project, creating the artwork and organizing the performances of the cantastoria. I am proposing this work to experiment with forms of art, performance, activism, and collaboration that are totally new to me. I think that the topic of climate change has been presented in a factual way so many times, that the general public has grown weary and numb to the charts and the dire warnings. Climate change has been labeled a myth by so many, perhaps a literal storytelling format would be a more effective format.

process blog

In order to organize and track my process and progress on this project, I have created a project blog. In addition to the process of my visual work, I have included resources and ideas that have informed my thoughts as I create and perform this cantastoria.