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A xicana/brown*/indigenous body-positive project. •Eating Disorders Awareness •Cultural Affirmation •Decolonizing Body
A Feminist Latina Poetry Collective Creating and curating dope shit for women of color in Los Angeles
Unapologetically Brown Series
A street series empowering POC by POC by any means necessary 🌸 | Created by @johannareign 🇸🇻 | Based out of NYC
Necia Media Collective
Necia Media Collective is a womxn of color critically conscious arts and multimedia network. We are muxerista, multiethnic, and diasporic.
Mujeres de Maiz
(Womxn of Corn) A Holistic ARTivist Brujx SiStarHood. Indigenous & WOC Art 🎨Activism✊🏽Wellness🌿Empowerment🙌🏾Spirit.
St. Sucia
✨Collecting, curating, and publishing contemporary mujer art & literature.




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