revolution womaxn style now!

I decided that I wanted a tee shirt and sticker to offer with my new zine so I did some hand-lettering of “Revolution Womxn Style Now!” which is

a take on “Revolution Girl Style Now!” -- the name of Bikini Kill’s first demo cassette released in 1991. The phrase became a battle cry for Riot Grrrls and you can still find tons of graphic examples of it on zines and stickers if you search Pinterest and Google Images.

The zine is about post-Riot Grrrl intersectionality, so I changed the slogan to “womxn” which does two things. First, it shows that I am older and, hopefully, wiser. I have grown into a woman now and am savvier than the girl I was, and two:

The new change in spelling of the word ‘womxn’ is done in an effort to emphasize the idea that womxn are their own separate people, capable of operating on their own and without a man to aid them.  The new spelling is also seen as intersectional, as it is meant to include transgender womxn, womxn of color, womxn from third world countries, and every other self identifying womxn out there.  (

I’m really happy with the way that the lettering came out, and I made a plastic stencil to spray paint through. This will be how (I think…) I made the cover to the zine and create some tee shirts for the 2018 Miami Zine Fair.


The first test tee came out pretty good. I want the edges of the text a bit sharper, so I tried some stuff and then had the brainstorm that hair spray might hold the stencil, while being totally washable AND not ruin the tee. This will be my new experiment -- let’s see if it works!