Meet the Maker, Day 3

My current work space studio is a dream.

Sure I'd like it to be bigger, a screenprinting area would be fantastic, and I'd love an area for my sewing machine. My bookcase is pretty much full of design books and my work spills out into the rest of the house constantly. But, this is the closest I've come to having all my materials in one place. It's my creative cocoon.

I love that I can wake up and be at work in 2 minutes and with Miami traffic that's a wonderful blessing. My favorite spots in my studio are my design books, my window with a tropical view, and the colorful painted walls that were here when we moved in. It’s taken a long time to add as much personality to these walls we I have!

Some people really like to work in a minimal space, but I'm totally the opposite. I love my work space to be jammed with as much eye-candy as possible!

My studio makes me very happy.