Meet the Maker, Day 2

What do I make?

The first thing when I started making was t-shirts. I think that people love t-shirts so much for many reasons. You announce who you are with a tee shirt.

And what crowd you run with, and what bands you like, and what teams that you root for, and what school you go to. T-shirts are deeply personal fashion choice.

Tee shirts are a corner-stone of American fashion. You can throw it on with jeans or you can mix it up high fashion style. They can cost five or five hundred dollars. All the t-shirts that I make, I make because I want the shirt. And, I want it be made in the USA, made of quality cotton and sweatshop free labor.

I tend to design t-shirts in certain categories: bands I love and I can't find a good t-shirt for, snarky feminist animals with Riot Grrrl messages, environmental or spiritual reminders, and, once in awhile, just because I think it's a cool graphic/pattern.

In the past year, I've started designing pillows and scarves. The WAS and IS scarf collection is one of the things that I most proud of in 2017. The scarves are printed and manufactured in India.  The company that I'm working with on the production, VIDA, create a decent work environment for their workers and they also have an education and literacy program for all their their workers and their worker’s children. (This collection is for sale online at

In 2018, I'm going to be creating a few surface design collections. I'm excited to create some interesting fabrics that can be used alone or in in harmony with each other. One of the things that I am really excited about is creating some really funky velvets that I can use to reupholster some vintage furniture!

I also love creating zines and stickers and usually get motivated to do that for the Miami Zine Fair -- which I do every year.

It feels good to look back on a year of making!