Meet the Maker, Day 1


So, I decided to do this “Meet the Maker” week challenge except that it's not on the right days, because I’ve been busy. Anyway, I thought it would be cool to say hello and introduce myself for any new followers. My name is Kimberly Capron Gonzalez and I am a graphic designer/shop owner and a teacher. Nice to meet you!

I've been doing graphic design for about 20 years here in Miami, Florida. I got my start in design by making websites in the late 90s. After I moved away from web design, I did freelance graphic design for about a decade, and recently came to the realization that I really just want to design and sell my own stuff. So, I've been designing t-shirts, zines, scarves, pillows, and art for about 3 years now. I've gotten really into surface pattern design, so I'm really excited about doing much more of that in the next year. Cherimoya Tree Design is one person -- me!

I'm also a graphic design teacher at Miami AD School in Wynwood. I love teaching and I love my students! I'm soon to be a student again, as I am going back to school to finally finish my MFA. I'll be starting the graduate program with Goddard College in January 2018 and I'm really excited about it but also a little bit nervous.

I live in Miami Florida with my wonderful husband and many cats. I like books in bed, cooking, baking, New York City, and DIY ethics. I believe that we should all be involved with with politics and social justice. I believe in slow fashion, and thinking about what we buy, and where it comes from, and who made it. I'm also an environmentalist  and I think we should all try to be the best stewards of Mother Earth that we possibly can.

My favorite food is pizza.