Life of Pablo / The Jesus and Mary Chain


One of my favorite bands and I was a college DJ at University of Miami, was The Jesus and Mary Chain. My boyfriend at the time had introduced me to them and I loved them. As it turns out, Jesus Mary Chain turned out to be one of my husband’s favorite bands too. 

We saw him not too long ago at this great historic theater on Flagler Street in Miami -- it was amazing! I realized that I did not have a Jesus Mary Chain tee shirt and quickly needed to fix this situation. Actually, the one shirt that we do have, was from a Lollapalooza tour (about a thousand years ago) is on death watch, so I decided to make one.

I kept seeing this design for Life of Pablo from Kanye West and, at first I really didn't like the design, but then I kind of really did like it, and I decided to, let's just say, be influenced by it

Thus, the Life of Pablo / The Jesus and Mary Chain shirt is born.

And, YOU can get it in my ETSY Shop!