My Soap Nuts Zine is available on Etsy! Comes with a starter Nut Sack!

Do your Laundry with Soap Nuts Zine!

This cute little quarter-size, BW zine will show you how to do your laundry (and more!) with the nuts from the Sapindus tree! I’ve been using them for my laundry for a while and they work great. What’s more, they come with a linen bag of starter nuts, so you can test them out before investing in a big bag for yourself!

You get:

• Adorable Soap Nuts Zine, with several cute soap nut drawings and full, detailed instructions for using them.

• 5 Soap Nuts

• A linen bag (that you can reuse) to throw into your wash.

5.00 Includes postage in the US!!

For sale on my ETSY SHOP

A made this zine for the Miami Zine Fair, 2016