Life of Pablo / The Jesus and Mary Chain


One of my favorite bands and I was a college DJ at University of Miami, was The Jesus and Mary Chain. My boyfriend at the time had introduced me to them and I loved them. As it turns out, Jesus Mary Chain turned out to be one of my husbandโ€™s favorite bands too. 

We saw him not too long ago at this great historic theater on Flagler Street in Miami -- it was amazing! I realized that I did not have a Jesus Mary Chain tee shirt and quickly needed to fix this situation. Actually, the one shirt that we do have, was from a Lollapalooza tour (about a thousand years ago) is on death watch, so I decided to make one.

I kept seeing this design for Life of Pablo from Kanye West and, at first I really didn't like the design, but then I kind of really did like it, and I decided to, let's just say, be influenced by it

Thus, the Life of Pablo / The Jesus and Mary Chain shirt is born.

And, YOU can get it in my ETSY Shop!