Hand Stenciled canvas totes

I have a few of these badass tote bags left over from the 2017 Miami Zine Fair. A great carry-all, I mean, it’s a tote bag!
This would make a great, unique gift for that "hard to buy for” human in your life.  

They are all in my ETSY SHOP

- Each bag is totally unique
- Printed on BOTH SIDES
- Each bag is hand painted by me - Kimberly!
- 13” X 13”

Mujer Bonita es la que Lucha

This T-Shirt design was done for International Women's Day, March 8th, 2017.

(The Spanish translates: The Pretty woman is the one who fights)

I wanted to design a more inclusive and intersectional feminist t-shirt. I live in Miami and we have a lot of diversity here, so I wanted a design something as a tribute to my Hispanic sisters.

I really thought about this design. I felt that it was important to show a woman who is a fighter, but also wanting peace, as I believe that women are the peacekeepers of the world.

This design is dedicated to women all over the world that fight every day for equality, environment, children, education, and peace.

The text on this t-shirt was created from a block print that I made.

>>>>>> You can find this Tee in my Etsy Shop.

Understanding and Using RGB, CMYK, and SPOT COLOR!

My NEW class on Skillshare!

This class will make you a better Graphic Designer.

We’ll be learning color basics about RGB, CMYK and SPOT Color. Then, we’ll create an RGB swatch from a photo and convert it to CMYK for print.

This class is for Graphic Design beginners or anyone who needs to get something printed. This is not a class on color theory, rather a guide to actually working with color on a computer.

After this class, you will understand the different types of color for both screen and print and know how and where to use them!

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Life of Pablo / The Jesus and Mary Chain


One of my favorite bands and I was a college DJ at University of Miami, was The Jesus and Mary Chain. My boyfriend at the time had introduced me to them and I loved them. As it turns out, Jesus Mary Chain turned out to be one of my husband’s favorite bands too. 

We saw him not too long ago at this great historic theater on Flagler Street in Miami -- it was amazing! I realized that I did not have a Jesus Mary Chain tee shirt and quickly needed to fix this situation. Actually, the one shirt that we do have, was from a Lollapalooza tour (about a thousand years ago) is on death watch, so I decided to make one.

I kept seeing this design for Life of Pablo from Kanye West and, at first I really didn't like the design, but then I kind of really did like it, and I decided to, let's just say, be influenced by it

Thus, the Life of Pablo / The Jesus and Mary Chain shirt is born.

And, YOU can get it in my ETSY Shop!